Portfolio for Cheston McElhaney, my nephew actor

Well just as I need a model to test out my new settings in my studio, my nephew calls.  “Noni, can you help me out?  I need some head shots.”  OK CHESTON’S PHOTOS ARE AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE AT:  http://photoartbynoni.zenfolio.com/f58230454  AND THEY CAN BE ORDERED AS A CALENDAR.  Enjoy!!



~ by Noni on June 25, 2011.

12 Responses to “Portfolio for Cheston McElhaney, my nephew actor”

  1. very sexy, i model too and i must say those are some of the best head shots ive seen in a while

  2. I like your pix you should advertise a little more. It took me a while 2 find your website

  3. I watch Black Gold just for your nephew. I’m waiting for him to become a star because he will be. Not to many women watch black gold so you have to get him on utube and facebook with the links to the show. He’s on Google Images so thats a good thing. He is beautiful. I wish him luck with anything he does because he is blessed.

  4. Good pics Noni the 2nd and last on the page are my favs… Cheston is gonna be a super star with those great looks and the personality total package for an actor. Good luck to Noni an Cheston!

  5. Cheston is a hottie. I can say I watch black gold just for him. He is the star of that show…Cheston is black gold in my opinion. I cannot tell you how badly I wished I lived in Midland Texas. That man right there is my dream guy. I would treat him like a king, cater to his every need just be the best girl he could want. Too bad im all the way in Ohio though. I love his confidence when he wanted the Derickman position. “I got the back and bicep for it.” Yes baby you do.

  6. I adore your nephew. I’ve seen a lot of girls talk about wanting calendars of him. That would be a real money maker for both of you. He’s a different class of man, you must have a wonderful family to bring up someone with his values.

  7. I want a calander

  8. Hmmm, I am hoping for a new season to come out soon. I miss seeing Cheston’s handsome face.

  9. my my my he’s divine pls release a calendar cheston with noni taking the pics 🙂 come and visit me down under australia, melbourne, its winter and we need some heat down here, you are the sexiest man out! hugs xxxx

  10. You should tell him to make a portfolio on ModelMayhem.com

  11. You should submit Cheston’s pictures for the role of Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey! He would be so awesome for that role!!

  12. Noni, if you decide to do a calendar of Cheston without his shirt like he did on the show, it would be a big seller! I want a couple! I have friends overseas who I’ve sent pictures of him and Brandon and they are head over heals for them!of course I didn’t tell them they were actors. I’ll never get off Facebook with them! They keep me on it all night due to time difference in Germany, France, and Egypt! So let me know if you decide to do it ! Please! Thank you! He is a very. Handsome young man and I wish H&M the best !

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